Yealink Video Conferencing System Yaounde Cameroon  

Yealink is Yaounde a leader in VoIP endpoints and solutions.Yealink offers Video conferencing solutions for all type of business model regardless of size. Whether its a large audience training, enterprise boardroom, SMB’S or Medium business Yealink Videoconferencing product match everybody’s needs. Yealink Video conferencing is all about see and heard different geographically displaced participants properly without the hassle of complexity. Yealink Video Conferencing systems are real-life solutions and designed with customer point of view in mind.

Yealink cloud infrastructure YMS  further reduces the hassle of connectivity.Yealink makes The video conferencing deployment easier by integrating multiple features into a single device. Meeting Management Server, Integrated MCU, Registrar Server, Traversal Server, Directory Server and Device Management Server are integrated with the single unit. Yealink devices support peer to peer connectivity, as well as connectivity, threw Yealink cloud infrastructure. Cloud Infrastructure help workforce to collaborate with their smart devices. Yealink offers a mobile app for conference connectivity for while the workforce on move or work from home.

One button join meeting and one button meeting are seamless features of Yealink Video Conferencing Systems. Yealink offer different type of hardware and software to meet every client’s meeting requirement.It is classified as boardroom devices, small to medium meeting rooms, huddle room, lone executives and remote workers. The value created by Yealink with robust technology and quality products making your team more productive and effortless.

Fewer bandwidth requirements and better network adaptability is a core feature of Yealink conferencing. The newest technologies like H.265 reduce the video bandwidth dramatically.The Resist packet loss technology ensure seamless video and audio connectivity under poor internet connection.  The newest models of yealink products using H.265 compression and previous models uses H.264 compression.Yealink charges no additional licensing fees for dual-screen support, recording, software upgrade or content sharing.

All in One Solution in Video Conferencing System

Yealink exhibit the most comprehensive Video Conferencing product line with the latest technology.Yealink Conferencing brings people together at any time from any location with one click access.These products ensure lifelike communication for small and medium meeting rooms.The management, deployment, and usage simplified in a way that network traversal and business contact management easier than ever. Yealink is compatible with most of the widely used video conference systems.


Yealink Video Conference Models