Dlink DPH-400EDM Younde Douala

Dlink DPH-400EDM  Cameroon

Dlink DPH-400EDM in Cameroon is newly designed expansion module for DPH-400SE/150SE F3 Series IP Phones, its one of the best expansion module available in the market, Dlink brand assure you the best quality and reliability. The best decision for your business is to choose Dlink IP PBX Cameroon with your choice of Dlink IP Phones models. Please contact us for Yealink Phones Cameroon and Grandstream IP Phone installation anywhere in Douala.



Dlink DPH-400EDM  Yaounde Douala

DPH-400EDM in Yaounde  Expansion Module produced for D-link DPH-400SE/150SE F3 Series IP Phones. It is really an perfect solution for smaller businessessmall businesses attempting to simplify incoming call handling by rapidly pointing calls towards the asked for party The attendant console easily attaches to DPH-400SE Series IP Phone, supplying 26 prrr-rrrglable speed-dial or direct station choose (DSS) buttons, each lighting the line’s status (idle, ringing, busy, or null) through the BLF. Incoming calls can immediately be moved towards the proper location using the push of the mouse designated toallocated to the extension. The modular style of the DPH-400EDM in  Douala permits as much as 5 attendant consoles to become used, for as many as 130 buttons, offering an affordable solution that grows using the development of your voice network. Installation and setup is only a few hooking up the provided bracket and cable towards the attendant console, EDM uses exterior energy supply


  • Support DTMF
  • Support BLF List Key
  • Support Speed Dial,MWI,Call park
  • Support dss keys defined as multi line
  • with screen display, or used as SIP line keys
  • Support Key event(Auto Redial On, Auto
  • Redial Off,Call Back,Call
  • Forward,DND,Flash,
  • Headset,History,Hot
  • Desking,Hold,Join,Lock,
  • Memo,MWI,Phonebook,Pickup,Prefix,Redial,Release)
  • Support Config the url of remote phonebook
  • Support Dual color Led indicator(Red+Green)
  • 26 Dss Keys
  • Support Max.5 panels connection(130 Dss)
  • Power saving