Avaya 9404 Younde Douala


Avaya 9404 Digital Phone  Cameroon

Avaya 9404 in Cameroon is designed for active daily use and excellent assistant for those employees. Avaya 9404 allows you to create highly reliable and high-quality telecommunication solutions.The phone is similar in appearance and functionality to the well-proven Avaya 9600 series IP terminals.This phone will add value to the corporate telecommunications infrastructure as a means of achieving a competitive advantage.



Avaya 9404 Phone  Yaounde Douala

Avaya 9404 Digital Phone in Yaounde is an ideal choice for companies wishing to add digital terminals with a similar user interface to existing equipment.With its ergonomic design, high sound quality and rich functionality, the 9400 series phone will add value to the corporate telecommunications infrastructure.The Avaya 9404 digital phone in Douala has a great design and superb sound. A large display and paperless digital labels make it easier to use the phone. A high-quality built-in speakerphone is a guarantee that everything will be heard and everyone will be heard.

The Avaya 9404  Phone in Douala is very user-friendly and familiar functional interface. Almost any user intuitively understands how to operate the main functions with fixed keys, and easily understand the function keys using contextual prompts.

Key Features

Display 32 characters, 4 lines;  Illumination of the display;  LED indication: incoming call / new voice message;  Built-in speaker  12 programmable buttons with dual LED indication (red / green);  Volume control button (separately for handset, headset, loudspeaker, bell);  Fixed buttons: Menu, Redial, Transfer, Conference.  Headset jack and on/off button. headset.