The award-winning Yealink IP Phones range embraces entry-level non-display IP phones, business class HD colour screen models and a cutting-edge touchscreen IP media phone, each manufactured to exacting standards and featuring powerful TI chipsets and Power over Ethernet (PoE) as standard.

Yealink Offering premium quality at an affordable price they are also certified compatible with many popular IP-PBX platforms, VoIP networks and leading brand communications solutions. These include those offered by Alcatel Lucent, Asterisk, Avaya, Broadsoft, Draytek Elastix, Epygi, Genband, Genesys, Inin, Interactive Intelligence, Sark and 3CX. As world’s leading manufacturers of SIP telephones, Yealink designs, develops and produces innovative, feature-rich, robust and reliable IP phones which enable organisations of all sizes to exploit the cost and efficiency benefits offered by VoIP telephony. A truly global brand Yealink products are the choice of carriers, enterprises and clients in over 80 countries.

Contact us for Yealink IP Phones for your office in Cameroon, UAE.We can supply and install Yealink IP Phones any where in UAE . Our services area includes Abudhabi, Cameroon, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Kaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, All Ain, Ajman and Khor Fakkan.

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Yealink CP860 Cameroon

Yealink CP860 Conference Phone Cameroon

Yealink CP860 in Cameroon is a solid meeting phone with an impressive feature set, and the phone has everything you need to conduct a conference call with clarity and precision. The Yealink CP860 IP meeting phone is a perfect selection for small and medium-sized conference room and can meet the demands of up to 16 people with optional expansion microphones. The CP860 offer many important audio features including optima HD technology, a built-in three microphone array, full-duplex technology, and acoustic echo canceling.


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Yealink CP920 Cameroon

Yealink CP920 Conference Phone Cameroon

Yealink CP920 in Cameroon is an HD IP Conference Phone with Touch-sensitive and user-centric design.CP920 Conference Phone will boost the conversation with natural sound. These conference phone offer best-in-class HD audio quality and keep the meeting pace with team’s collaboration capabilities. It features 360-degree dead zone free voice pickup up 20 feet.

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Yealink CP960 Cameroon

Yealink CP960 Conference Phone Cameroon

The Yealink CP960 Cameroon in Cameroon is the latest product from Yealink family with the power of Android 5.1 operating system. The CP960 comes with 6 meters, 360 Degree range, and crystal clear audio quality. Yealink CP960 provides wireless and wired pairing with mobile devices and combines simplicity of use with the sophistication of features. The well designed Yealink CP960 make sure conversation will sound natural and bright anywhere.

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Yealink CPE80 Mic Cameroon

Yealink CPE80 Expansion Microphone Cameroon

Yealink CPE80 in Cameroon is an additional meeting microphone that can use with CP860 Conference Phone. With the additional expansion microphones, the CP860 is the ideal conference phone for medium to large size conference room that needs extended coverage at the far ends of a meeting table. The expansion microphones extend the scope of the CP860 by an additional 10 feet respectively.

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Yealink Conference Phone Cameroon

Yealink CPN10 Analog Adaptor Cameroon

The Yealink CPN10 in Cameroon is an Analog adaptor for Yealink VoIP Conference Phone CP920 and CP860. The CPN10 Adaptor effectively allow the Yealink conference phones to be used with Analog lines or Directly to PSTN LInes.This PSTN box meets the demands of customers who don’t have a VoIP Telephone system or want to directly link with PSTN line.With this Adaptor Yealink CP860/ CP920 Support both SIP and PSTN modes.

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Yealink Conference Phone Cameroon

Yealink CPW90 Wireless Expansion Mic Cameroon

Yealink CPW90 in Cameroon is designed to work with CP960 Conference Phone.CPW90 features superior audio technology and supports 360-degree voice pickup.The coverage includes an Audio capturing radius of 3 meters . Wireless Expansion Mic CPW90 is an ideal choice for organizations to increase the capacity and range of CP960 Conference Phone.

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Yealink EXP40 Module

Yealink EXP40 Module Cameroon

The Yealink EXP40 Expansion Module in Cameroon for the SIP-T46S, SIP-T48G, sip-t46g, and sip-t48s, increasing the practical capacity of your sip phone to a whole new level. It features a huge graphic LCD. 2 pages of 20 flexible switches are shown on the display screen could be programmed approximately 40 numerous functions.

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Yealink EXP50 Module

Yealink EXP50 Reception Module Cameroon

The Yealink EXP50 in Cameroon Color-screen Module for Yealink T5 Series IP phones supports SIP-T58V, entireSIP-T58A, SIP-T56A,  SIPT54S, and SIP-T 52S.  The EXP50 created to broaden the useful ability of your SIP phone entirely new range. It includes a big 4.3-inch color-screen LCD, offering you a vibrant visual experience.

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Yealink SIP-T19P E2 IP Phone Cameroon

Yealink SIP-T19P E2 in Cameroon is a budget model for small and medium business, continuing the tradition of Yealink, this phone perfectly combines style, high performance, and advanced technical solutions. This updated model Yealink SIP-T19P E2 absorbed all the characteristics of the Yealink SIP-T19P along with the high performance of the new processor that improves its performance and voice quality. Yealink SIP T19P E2 is Recommended for ordinary employees and operators of call centers. This phone is designed with the ability to connect a headset for handsfree communication. It also Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet).

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Yealink SIP-T21P E2 IP Phone Cameroon

Yealink’s SIP-T21P E2 in Cameroon brings a new face to entry-level IP phones. Every company seeks a telephony system which delivers exceptional sound quality with ease of use. This phone from Yealink combines both. Productivity is what makes the business profit. This phone support headset which enables the users to multitask while on a call using this hands-free communication capability. With its large 132×64-pixel graphical LCD, it delivers a clear 5-line data display. One of the great advantages of Yealink phones is that it is compatible with leading soft switch suppliers.

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Yealink SIP-T23G Cameroon

Yealink SIP-T23G Cameroon

The Yealink T23G in Cameroon is really a professional 3-line Voice over internet protocol phone for organization managers with demanding collaborative needs. With HD Voice, a 132×64-pixel graphical Vast screen and Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, the T23G is an ideal solution for any gigabit based network infrastructure.The very best decision for the organization is to select Yealink IP Phones Cameroon with the selection of Yealink IP Phones models. Please call us for Yealink  Phones Cameroon and Grandstream IP Phone installation everywhere in Douala.

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Yealink SIP-T23P IP Phone Cameroon

Yealink in Cameroon is a well-recognized IP phone manufacturer. Yealink SIP-T23P Cameroon is another innovative product from the leader in this industry. This IP phone is featured with an intuitive user interface and advanced functionality that helps to increase the productivity of the user. With Yealink HD technology, this Yealink SIP-T23P deliver crystal clear audio and life-like voice communications experience. This IP phone is a cost-effective solution which can be a great add-on to your everyday communication requirements.

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Yealink SIP-T27G IP Phone Cameroon

Yealink IP phones in Cameroon are well-known for their quality and reliability. Yealink SIP-T27G  recognized as the upgraded product of Yealink SIP-T27P. With the advancement in their technologies, Yealink was able to deliver a feature-rich product for their customers. The elegant design and increased functional capability of their IP phones always brought them to the top of other brands in this industry. This is a powerful and expandable IP phone with USB Port which enables it to connect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB recording devices. The SIP-T27G uses SIP over Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) which is the most advanced network security technology.

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Yealink SIP-T27P IP Phone Cameroon

Yealink SIP-T27P in Cameroon delivers high-quality communication experience to the users with its superior sound quality and rich visual experience.  This IP phones from Yealink offers a wide range of functions like BLF List, SCA, call forward, call transfer, 3-way conference and more. With the help of Yealink Optima HD technology, this IP phone delivers an excellent acoustic performance. Its 3.66” 240×120-pixel graphical LCD helps the users to navigate through all its features easily.

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Yealink SIP-T29G Cameroon

Yealink SIP-T29G  Cameroon

The Yealink T29G in Cameroon is really a gigabit Voice over internet protocol phone getting a 4.3″ 480 x 272 -pixel color display. With HD voice and also the capacity to handle as much as 16 SIP accounts the Yealink T29G is an excellent fit for a lot of different configurations.The very best decision to your organization is to select Yealink IP Phones Cameroon  with the selection of Yealink IP Phones models. Please call us for Yealink  Phones Cameroon and Grandstream IP Phone installation any place in Douala.


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Yealink SIP-T40P  Cameroon

The Yealink T40P SIP Phone in Cameroon is enriched with lots of features those are ideal for everyday office uses. This 10/100Mb IP phone advantages from an user-friendly graphical user interface, BLF’s, HD Voice, handsfree speakerphone, 3-way conferencing and supports corded or cordless headset and EHS. With easy flexible and safe provisioning options, the Yealink SIP-T40P is certified that will work with 3CX, Asterisk and BroadSoft.

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