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Dlink DVG 6001G GSM Gateway Yaoundé

D-Link DVG 6001G GSM Gateway Cameroon

D-Link DVG 6001G GSM VoIP Gateway in Cameroon is a one SIM Card supported device. It can efficiently implement the flat transition between GSM and VoIP network. The GSM VoIP gateway is made for comfort, ease-of-use to satisfied essential of users. It does not only receive tradition of quality voice communication over IP network but decrease the human resource of VoIP network placement. It’s a  cost-effective GSM gateway for call termination and initiation. It is completely compatible with any sip supported PBX.

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Dlink DVG-6004G GSM Gateway Yaoundé

D-Link DVG-6004G VoIP Gateway Cameroon

D-Link DVG-6004G in Cameroon is a GSM VoIP Gateway with 4 SIM Card support with a built-in antenna. DVG6004G is highly cost-effective and compatible with any SIP IP PBX. The D-Link DVG-6004G GSM VoIP Gateway is a product with lots of features and functions with easier installation and maintenance.

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Dlink DVG6008G GSM Gateway Cameroon

D-Link DVG-6008G VoIP Gateway Cameroon

The D-Link DVG-6008G in Cameroon is a GSM/CDMA VoIP Gateway series support 8 SIM Cards and offered with inbuilt antennas. It is a highly cost-effective GSM Gateway available in Douala.It is a  multi-functional product with a built-in antenna and user-friendly installation. It is used to effectually implement the flat changeover between mobile and VoIP network.

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