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Overcoming risks associated with thefts, illegal activities and crimes are often considered as the biggest challenges. However, it can be effectively deal with proper security measures. When it comes to business these kind of activities may affect the identity and success of an organization. CCTV surveillance in  Cameroon is much beneficial in reducing the risks and it is a good tool for safe guarding people and property all time. There might be situations in which business need to monitor employee activities. So having it installed in the office has the advantage of improving employee productivity too.

Significant growth has been made in CCTV technology allowing the customers to choose advanced security cameras for wide range of security applications. High risk activities are monitored quickly and can be taken actions quickly. So business considering implementing a CCTV security should consider high quality security cameras and providers.

Solution with Axis CCTV cameras

Axis CCTV Distributor CameroonCCTV Cameroon is specialized in providing CCTV security surveillance with Axis cameras. Axis communications has the reputation of introducing innovative security cameras in the market. It delivers wide range of high quality IP cameras and network video recorders. As an Axis distributor in Cameroon, the solutions we deliver with cameras ranging from High definition to infrared types is very much useful in the complex surveillance applications. With their proprietary light finder technology Axis cameras have the ability to offer quality and clear pictures even in poor light conditions. The camera types include fixed cameras, Modular cameras, panoramic cameras, explosion protected cameras, thermal cameras, PTZ cameras etc…

Axis Supported Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder in Douala is used with IP surveillance systems where it captures the images from IP cameras. It delivers an easy to install solution suited to different axis network products. NVR with video management software manage and control the videos in a better way. With the latest features and options, it is certain that you get the best experience ever imagined. We help you design and install CCTV security with Axis supported NVR in tune with your requirements. What else more you need? As the leading Axis supplier in Cameroon, CCTV Cameroon deliver turnkey solutions to your any kind of security needs.

Get the best with Axis security systems.

We provide our best experience to build high end security solution and CCTV installation with Axis CCTV systems in Cameroon. Our solutions extends to other regions of Douala as well and it includes Yaounde, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Yaounde, Maroua and Bamenda. Our expertise, we guarantee you, our service will be a great asset to your business. Leave your security worry to us and focus on other facets of business with contentment.

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